Hi. My name's  A S H E R, and I'm an artist from Seattle based in California.

 The first time photography  entered my life was when I was a little kid. My mom would sometimes get these disposable cameras from Walmart or Sam's Club and capture memories with them, and she'd even let me mess around with them from time to time. then at some point during my childhood, I stopped. Life happened, and I never really got back into it or took it more seriously until late 2017 during my travels.  
Like most people, it started with a phone: a phone that wasn't the best, but still better than nothing. Then after about a few years later, I bought my first camera, which was a used Sony mirror-less camera originally released in 2010. Although it was old, that didn't stop me from taking photos with it, and I'm still using it to this day. like other photographers, I have proven that, in the end, it isn't really the technology that makes the art. Instead, it 's the talent and skills within oneself, and the desire to learn and grow that truly creates art.

Hope to work with you soon. stay safe.
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